Yelp Review 

I should start by saying that this was a voluntary decision to stay here, definitely did not expect the Ritz. Room service was not available but there was one community TV. Bathrooms are communal and you had to share your living space with anywhere between 16 to 20 other people so that was different. Cleanliness was somewhat lacking, smells were never identified but I became more comfortable with that as time went on. 100% the longest overnight stay i’ve done in one facility, almost 2 years! On the plus side, there was always a brand new view outside as we tended not to stay in one place very long. All in all i’d give it 3 stars, i was very pleased with the food (for the most part) and the amenities (even though i had to pay out of pocket for them).  Won’t be coming again, but i don’t regret my stay. 

Time Is Fleeting

      Due to my job, the concept of time is something i have gradually become somewhat disconnected with. Let me explain.

We work at all hours of the day and night, and often for long stretches of time. Therefore, when i am out and about on my off time, i find myself checking my watch and being surprised by what i find there. You see, i could be having lunch with someone in a diner at say 12:30pm but subconsciously it could be 4AM and i would not be able to tell the difference. 

 It all blends together in my mind as one big blur of simply “being awake” and then sleeping whenever i can. Not saying this is some kind of phenomena, just odd if i sit and think about it long enough. 

A Day In The Life of a Pirate

So …the thought has occurred to me to attempt writing all of my posts in pirate speak (yar) but i have chose to take the high road on that.

This week has been challenging; I am in the coast guard and every day is different from the last. We discovered an overturned canoe just the other afternoon and naturally we were concerned for the safety of the owner. Our searching yielded no results and our general consensus was that the recent high winds we’ve been experiencing blew the old canoe off its perch on the shore and out into the open water. We all believe this, due to the fact that when i flipped it over, there were two paddles and an old crusty water bottle stored neatly underneath.