A Day In The Life of a Pirate

So …the thought has occurred to me to attempt writing all of my posts in pirate speak (yar) but i have chose to take the high road on that.

This week has been challenging; I am in the coast guard and every day is different from the last. We discovered an overturned canoe just the other afternoon and naturally we were concerned for the safety of the owner. Our searching yielded no results and our general consensus was that the recent high winds we’ve been experiencing blew the old canoe off its perch on the shore and out into the open water. We all believe this, due to the fact that when i flipped it over, there were two paddles and an old crusty water bottle stored neatly underneath.


Went down to the beach yesterday, took off my jacket and sat on that to keep my bum dry. I always find myself being drawn to the shore no matter where i am.